CHARGEX® 24V 228AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Model #: Manufactured By CHARGEX® SKU: CXE24228


Product Details

24V 228AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Model CXE24228

Nominal Voltage 25.6V
Charge Voltage 28.8V - 29.2V
Peak Discharge (5 Sec) 400A
Continuous Discharge Rate 200A
Continuous Charge Rate 100A
Capacity (amp hours) 228AH
Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
 Weight 60 Lbs 
 Length 23" 
 Width 6" 
 Height 8" 

Product Features

• Marine Grade IP67 Waterproof Aluminum Case
• Designed for use in fresh and saltwater
• Dependable, rugged, waterproof construction
• BMS with intuitive charging technology
• Connect multiple batteries in series or in Parallel
• Fully automatic / multi stage charging
• Zero spark technology
• Temperature compensated
• Advanced microprocessor controlled
• Battery systems available: 12V – 1000V
• Reverse polarity protected
• No installation restrictions