48V 400AH Lithium Battery

Product: CX48400 SKU: 48-LIB-400 Weight: 480 lbs


Product Details

High Capacity
51.2V 400AH
in single battery pack
Strong Inner Structure
Same as our HD series LiFePo4 battery, all cells and BMS are screw fastened on PCB.786
High Current Discharge
Available max cont. discharge current 200Amp, quick charge current 100Amp. High power type terminals for charge and discharge.
Relief Valve Design
Relief valve is usually used on large e-bus batteries, we use the same relief valve design as e-bus batteries, to enhance the safety of our battery.
IP65 Water Proof
Special outer edge design on battery cover, increases the water proof performance. IP67 is optional.
User Friendly Mounting 
Battery base is designed with mounting holes for users to mount it on Vehicles and Boats.
Flexible Customization
· Talor-made Size         · Customized Color        · Charge and Discharge Current
· Mounting Holes          · Handle                        · Terminal/Connector Type
· Monitoring Display      · Communication         
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