Developed By NASA

The newly developed and integrated NASA Thermal Technology, is the  Highest  Insulating  Material  Known  To  Man. Used in Spaceships, Satellites and Space Suits is now exclusively integrated into the CHARGEX® Energy Conservation Technology.

CHARGEX® i Engineers and Manufactures  Lithium Ion Battery Thermal Control Technology into Lithium Ion Batteries and Customized Energy Storage Systems to meet the demand for any environment in the Universe. 


1000+ DEGREE

extreme high temperature control

Patented Technology



EXtreme low temperature control

Patented Technology


95% AIR


Patented Technology


95% AIR


Patented Technology


CHARGEX ENERGY WAVE® Power Plants ship on demand anywhere in the world and Beyond. ENERGY WAVE® Power Plants are precision engineered and manufactured to provide maximum efficiency in every component utilizing Advanced Science in Particle Physics, and Quasiparticles. This Highly Advanced Technology is used to manufacture Ultramodern, Space Age Power Plants that maximize efficiency in every element essential for Space Exploration. Utilizing The highest Insulating Material Known to Man, Nano-Technologies, Bio-AI and the Lightest Composite Properties, ENERGY WAVE® Power Plants go beyond the demand for earth based systems, crossing into Aerospace and Remote Inter-Planetary Energy Creation Repositories. 

Thermal Bridging

Patented Technology 

Energy Cost Savings

Patented Technology

100% Recyclable 

Patented Technology

ZERO Ozone Depleting Substances

Patented Technology

Composite Material - More than 95% Air

Patented Technology


Unaffected by moisture, mold or water.

Class A Fire Rated

Patented Technology

Virtually No Weight

Patented Technology

Unaffected by Age

Does not react with Moisture in the air. 



CHARGEX® Aerogel Insulation Featured in NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise.

TAMPA, FL. CHARGEX, now, exclusively offers an aerogel insulation product derived from NASA’s aerogel technology that is included as a NASA technology spinoff product into our Lithium Ion Battery Technology.

Aerogel, considered the highest insulating material known and one of the lightest solids, was successfully used by NASA for insulation purposes on the space shuttle, Mars Pathfinder and other rovers, and STARDUST spacecraft missions to combat extreme temperature environments.

NASA first recognized the Aergogel now offered and integrated into Chargex Lithium Batteries as a technology spinoff in the space agency’s publication titled Spinoff which features innovative products whose development can be linked to NASA.

CHARGEX is owned by Tampa entrepreneur Chase Hebeler CFO, Chief Technology Officer and Victor Harberson, who is also the president and founder of Chargex LLC., a leading Tampa based Lithium Ion Battery manufacturer and seller.

Spin-off technologies are offspring commercialized products that have direct roots from NASA funding, research, licensing, facilities, or assistance. While NASA does not manufacture, market or sell commercial products, many commercial products are derived and have been adapted by private industry from NASA technology. Such is this revolutionary composite aerogel material that is at the core of CHARGEX. CHARGEX eliminates thermal bridging.

 CHARGEX works by breaking this thermal bridging link while being totally breathable, with a natural ability to repel liquid while allowing the passage and release of moisture vapor. The 1⁄4 inch thick CHARGEX aerogel is available in blanket form on roles or 1.5 X .25 X 54-inch adhesive backed strips.

CHARGEX can interrupt thermal bridging in. Improved energy efficiency achieved with CHARGEX Aerogel will provide continuing energy cost and environmental savings. In order to better understand how and why CHARGEX is so effective, it’s important to first understand aerogels. Resembling a hologram, it’s deceiving whether aerogels are really there or not. Aerogel is a synthetic porous ultra light material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component of the gel has been replaced with a gas. The result is a solid with extremely low density and low thermal conductivity. Aerogel is a diverse class of ultralow density solids that combine multiple disparate and extreme materials properties into a single material envelope. Discovered in 1931, the original aerogel was silica based. These are often referred to as classic or legacy aerogels, or just “aerogel.” Mixed with silicon dioxide and solvent, aerogel is 99.8 percent air, and is 1,000 times less dense than glass. Despite weighing only 3 milligrams per cubic centimeter, aerogel can support up to “4,000” times its own weight if the force is gently and uniformly applied. Aerogel can also withstand high temperatures, so much so that placing crayons on top of the aerogel are protected from a flame underneath and will not melt. Some types of aerogel, including composite aerogel, provide 39 times more insulation than fiberglass. In terms of aerogel’s physical appearance, aerogels are sometimes referred to as “frozen smoke,” “solid smoke,” “solid air” or “blue smoke” because of the material’s translucent nature and the way light scatters in it. The substance has been described as feeling like volcanic glass pumice; a very fine, dry sponge; and extremely lightweight polystyrene (Styrofoam). When you hold a piece of silica aerogel, it feels otherworldly. The remarkable characteristics of silica aerogel—low density, light weight, and unmatched insulating capability—attracted NASA for cryogenic insulation for space shuttle and space exploration mission applications.

If you are interested in Chargex Energy Conservation Solutions, please send us a quick email below with your contact information, Our Research and Development team is now working with High-Tech Enterprises in Aerospace, Military and Industrial industries to integrate our Advanced High Tech Thermal Protection Solutions.