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From Satellites and Fighter Jets to Naval Surface and Sub Surface Vessels, Chargex is the premier supplier of Customized Energy Storage Solutions with a strong focus on the Commercial Space Industry. Based in Tampa FL, the Chargex Energy Team works with Federal Agencies like NASA, NOAA and THE US NAVY. Chargex was recently awarded the contract to build highly customized lithium batteries for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Sub-Antarctic Earth Rover Mission. With offices worldwide Creating cost effective energy storage systems is our mission to our customer. Private Space companies are some of our most significant customers, Chargex powers rockets, drones, and Aerospace missions around the world.

2022 Awarded

United States Navy

Awarded CHARGEX® multiple projects to design and engineer fully customized Class A Lithium Batteries for Naval Military Applications.

2022 AWARDED  

Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Awarded CHARGEX® with the 2022 Earth Rover Mission where safety was the critical factor for the sub-Antarctic rover.


The BORING Company 

Increased orders in 2022 with with Class A CHARGEX® Lithium Batteries used in critical monitors throughout their high tech tunnels.

2022 AWARDED  

Nokia Telecom

Awarded CHARGEX® with development of a customized solution for uninterruptible power supplies in case of of grid failure.

The DLA is boosting the future

EnergyWave Battery Protection System

  • Short Circuit and Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection
  • Bi-Directional Current Flow
  • Regenerative Braking Ready
  • Solar Controller Ready
  • DC to DC Charging
  • Series and Parallel Connection
  • High Efficiency Components For Faster Charging 

Lengthway Circuit Boards

Individual cells are connected to the Battery Protection System through our unique lengthway circuit boards.

  • individual cell balancing
  • Individual cell short circuit protection
  • rigid strength to the cell pack

Stainless Steel Plates

Chargex cells are bolted together with 1/4" stainless steel busbars on each end. These busbars allow for maximum current conductivity while providing an incredibly strong cell core that will not vibrate apart or break like tab welded cells.

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