How to reboot your Chargex® Lithium Ion Battery in 5 easy steps.

Chargex® Lithium Batteries have a built in - fail safe Battery Protection System (BPS) designed to protect the cells from being over-discharged. Over-discharging a lithium battery is the primary reason a lithium battery may fail prematurely. 

In order to reboot the battery, it must see current from your charger, most chargers are designed not to put out current if they do not see voltage from the battery. Because your battery is in sleep mode, it will not show voltage at the terminals and the charger may not turn on. In order to get the charger to see voltage and start charging, you must parallel a working 12V battery with your Chargex Lithium Battery. Follow these 5 easy steps to reboot your battery. 

  • Step 1. Remove the battery cables from your application and or any other batteries in series. 
  • Step 2. Parallel a working battery of similar voltage by connecting the batteries positive to positive and negative to negative, just as if you were jump starting a car. You can use a lead or lithium battery to parallel. 
  • Step 3. Connect your battery charger to the battery that is in sleep mode and turn it on. 
  • Step 4. Allow the battery to charge for approximately 5 minutes and then disconnect the two batteries. 
  • Step 5. Allow the battery to be fully recharged before connecting it back into your application. 

If your are unsuccessful in rebooting your battery, contact us using the warranty form below and we will have one of our Battery Engineers contact you with further information. 

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