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Internal Cell Safety Fuse

Our cells have a built-in thermal safety fuse between the anode and cathode that will break in the unlikely event the cell overheats.


High Pressure Safety Vent

A high pressure safety vent will flip open to release energy and prevent explosion if exposed to extreme heat.


Flame Retardant Electrolyte 

Our cells are manufactured with a flame retardant additive in the electrolyte making them safe.


Explosion Proof Stainless Steel

Every Lithium Battery cell is manufactured in an explosion proof stainless steel cylindrical case.

"When Quality Matters, Never Compromise.

The CHARGEX® 32700 3.2V 6.3AH Explosion Proof, Stainless Steel, LiFePO4 Cell 

At Chargex, it all starts with our battery technology that is founded on the engineering precision of our 32700 - 3.2V 6.3AH Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Stainless Steel Cells. 

What truly sets our battery cells apart is safety with the integration of an intrinsic thermal fuse within each cell. In the unlikely event of cell overheating, this thermal fuse autonomously disconnects, promptly shutting down the affected cell and preventing further overheating. Furthermore, our cells feature a high-pressure safety vent and employ a flame-retardant electrolyte, collectively rendering them amongst the world's safest batteries.

Recent advancements have resulted in a significant increase in cell capacity reaching 6.3AH in the 32700 cell structure. Additionally, the lifespan has ben extended, surpassing 6,000 cycles. 

Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure

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Precision battery pack design and engineering

Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure


Chargex Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries stand out as a testament to superior craftsmanship with our bolted 32700 Stainless Steel Cylindrical LiFePO4 Battery Cells. Each individual cell is firmly secured and bolted through our lengthway circuit boards, enhancing the structural integrity of the battery pack. This not only reinforces the pack but also significantly improves current conductivity, surpassing the performance and integrity of tab-welded cells commonly found in the market.

Taking our commitment to durability a step further, Chargex lithium battery packs are assembled using solid copper bus plates, bolted together. This not only maximizes current conductivity but also reinforces the overall strength of the battery pack, ensuring reliability that goes above and beyond with recent innovations in 2023 improving cell life by more than 6,000 cycles.

Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure

"Enhanced Safety & Performance With Lengthway Circuit Boards

Chargex lithium battery cells are securely bolted together through printed circuit boards (PCB's), which are seamlessly integrated with our Battery Management System to ensure individual cell balancing. In the rare occurrence of a cell failure, these lengthwise circuit boards automatically isolate the problematic cell, preventing any potential short circuits and enabling the rest of the battery to operate flawlessly.

In contrast, many other manufacturers employ tab welding to connect cells. In such cases, if a single cell experiences a failure, it can lead to a catastrophic short circuit, ultimately resulting in the premature failure of the entire battery pack. "

Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure

"Engineered for Durability, Safety, and Reliability

At the Battery Management Systems lab here at Chargex, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our Battery Management Systems stand out thanks to utilizing top-tier MOSFETs and high-quality electrical components, ensuring maximum efficiency, peak performance, and reliability resulting in extended life cycles.

What sets our BMS modules apart is their superior charge and discharge current capabilities compared to competitor lithium batteries of the same capacity. This means you can rely on our batteries for a wide range of applications, from deep cycle to starting, with absolute confidence.

"instantaneous Safety Shutdown Procedures

Each Chargex BMS is outfitted with crucial safety functionalities, which operate autonomously to instantaneously disconnect the circuit under certain conditions such as over-voltage protection, low voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit protection. These characteristics are instrumental in prolonging the battery pack's lifespan and safety of its operation. Top Tier MOSFET's utilized guarantee performance with higher current charge and discharge capabilities for applications with large continuous charge or discharge requirements such as bow thrusters in large yachts and EV applications.

Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure

"Top Tier Design Where Quality Matters

Chargex Lithium Batteries go far beyond the subpar lithium battery found on the worldwide web. Our bolted cell technology, top tier materials and electrical components bring our battery to a higher standard required for mission critical aerospace and defense applications.  

Key Military Accomplishments 

  • Chosen by The United States Air Force, Chargex is the first Lithium Battery approved for use in USAF Aircraft. With ongoing projects continuously underway, our advanced battery design team is continuously integrating our top tier batteries in aerospace and  defense missile technology.
  • Chosen by The United States Navy, Chargex Lithium Batteries are integrated in Sea, Subsea and Aerospace Applications around the world. 

AI Battery Cell Matching Assisted with Artificial Intelligence

During production, countless battery cells are subjected to stringent evaluations. Each battery pack is made up of several cells connected both in parallel and series. Using the specified nominal voltage and capacity of the battery pack, our AI software selects each cell. This ensures that all cells within the pack harmonize perfectly based on various procedures. Without this method, mismatched cells would need continuous balancing, placing greater strain on the BMS MOSFETs. Tests reveal that after AI-assisted cell matching, the balancing functions remain dormant for most of our batteries' lifespan.

AI Driven Cell Matching Criteria:

1. Uniformity in Self Discharge

2. Uniformity in Voltage Levels

3. Uniformity in Internal Impedance

4. Uniformity in Capacity

5. Uniformity in Cycle Lifespan

6. Uniformity in Platform behavior

7. Uniformity in Constant Current Rate

8. Uniformity in Power Management of Cells

9. Uniformity in Parallel Module Operations

10. Uniformity in Series Module Operations

11. Uniformity in Completed Battery Modules.

Chargex Lithium Battery Cell Structure Matching

Custom Battery Pack Manufacturing

final Quality Control Check on Customized Telecom Energy Storage Batteries

Chargex is a leading player in the field of custom lithium battery manufacturing, specifically catering to the dynamic needs of the Aerospace and Defense sector, we also provide customized OEM and commercial lithium batteries for a variety of other industries. With a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, Chargex specializes in crafting tailor-made lithium batteries that meet the unique requirements of telecommunications infrastructure. These batteries are designed to provide reliable and efficient power solutions, along with customized dimensions to offer maximum capacity and ensuring seamless integration with existing communication networks.

Chargex Aerospace Lithium Batteries
Chargex Aerospace Lithium Batteries
Chargex Aerospace Lithium Batteries

Cylindrical vs prismatic cells

Cylindrical Cells

Cylindrical cells are the most commonly used cell type today. The cylindrical design allows for better automation processes and techniques that increase consistency and lower cost.

Prismatic Cells

Prismatic cells have gained popularity because of their large capacity and prismatic shape that make it easy to connect 4 cells together and create a 12V battery pack. 

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