5' Extension Cable Dual Pro

Model #: 5' Extension Cable SKU: CCE5FT


Product Details

5 Ft. Cable Extension 

Charge Cable Extensions Are 100% Compatible With
Most Battery Chargers

• Available in 5’, 10’ and 15’ Lengths
• Affordable, Reliable and Safe
• TROUBLE FREE—Fast and Easy Installation
• Wide Variety of Applications

Installation in Three Easy Steps  

Step 1. Join cables with quick and sure connectors (No Crimping)
Step 2: Seal individual connections with pliable heat shrink
Step 3: Seal entire connection with another layer of heat shrink

Features of Pro Charging System’s Charge Cable Extensions

• Fast and easy installation
• Strong and sure connectors
• Dual fused for ultimate safety
• Connection protected by double layer of heat shrink
• Sealed cable connections provide ultimate corrosion resistance
• Minimizes voltage drop from spliced cables
• Heavy 14 gauge wire cable assembly
• The safest way to extend charge cables
• Meets Marine ABYC standards

Each package Includes:

One (+/–) charge cable
Heat shrink material
All hardware and instructions

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5' Extension Cable Dual Pro - 5' Extension Cable