12V 50A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

Product: CXC1250 SKU: 12-CHG-50 Weight: 12.13 lbs


Product Details

Automatic Aluminum 12V 50A Lithium Battery Charger

Brief Description:

Lithium battery charger 12 volts 50 amps, input with AC 110 / 230Vac and rated output voltage is DC 12V 50A. Smart max charging voltage is 14V 14.4V or 14.6V for li-ion, LiFePO4, LiMnO2 type batteries. Intelligent 4 stages charging with CC, CV steps, this charger will charge your battery powered electric vehicles very fast, with high efficiency and protect your battery life maximum. High quality, factory price and 2 years warranty.



1) Optional charging methods: Li-ion / LiFePO4 / LiMnO2 batteries.

2) Advanced high frequency switching mode power supply technology.

3) DC output isolated from AC input.

4) AC input 110 / 230Vac, 50Hz ~ 60Hz.

5) Charging parameters are insensitive to the AC input line voltage variations.

6) Completely automatic 4 steps charge: pre-charge, CC, CV, floating / trickle or shut-off.

7) Protections: Short circuit, Over - voltage, Over - temperature, Reverse Polarity.

8) Aluminum casing, light weight, portable.

9) 100% full load burn-in test.

10) 2 years warranty.


Technical Specs.:

1) Dimensions(LxWxH): 9.85 x 5.9 x 3.5 in.

2) Net weight: 12.13lb

3) Max charging voltage(CV): 14 / 14.4 / 14.6 volts

4) Floating voltage: 13.5V

5) Max output current (CC): 50 amps

6) Charging method: Pre-charge, CC, CV

7) AC input voltage: 110 / 230Vac

8) AC input freq.: 50 / 60 Hz

9) AC plug: US, UK, AU, Euro, etc

10) Output connector type: Clips, Anderson, bare leads, etc

11) Enclosure: Aluminum

12V 50A Lithium Ion Battery Charger - CXC1250