CTEK D250SE 12V to 12V 20A DC to DC Lithium Battery Charger

Model #: CTEK D250SE SKU: CTEK D250S


Product Details

CTEK D250SE 12V DC to DC Charger


The latest from CTEK the D250SE leverages on the good foundation of the D250SA Dual but raises the stakes again by including a Lithium Charge profile to feature alongside its ignition feed and MPPT solar controller. A wider input voltage range on the alternator side for Euro 5+ engine for ECU controlled systems.

MPPT Solar input, alternator input with service battery charging from the solar or engine with a preference on the suns free energy. Not to mention the ability to add the SmartPass 120S or SmartPass 120  for an additional 120A charging output.

  • 20A fully automatic temperature compensated charging for batteries from 40-300Ah while you’re on the move
  • Dual input (solar and alternator in parallel)
  • Smart alternator compatible
  • Selectable lithium* and lead-acid mode
  • Solar panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Battery separation replacing diodes and VSR relays
  • Selectable AGM option – 14.4V or 14.7V
  • Maximised charging for better battery life and performance
  • Temperature sensor to compensate for hot or cold conditions
  • Compatible with SMARTPASS 120 for the ultimate 140A power management solution

Technical information:
Ambient temperature; -20˚C to +50˚C (- 4°F to +122°F)
Positioning; Permanent installation/on board
Warranty; 2 years
Input; 11.5-23V, 25A
Output; 14.4V/14.7V, 20A max, lead-acid battery types. 14.2V, 20A max, LiFePO4.
Back current drain*; Corresponding to less than 1Ah/month
Battery types; 12V:, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, EFB, GEL, LiFePO₄
Battery capacity; 40-300Ah
Net weight (unit with cables); 0.7
Gross weight (unit in box); 0.9
Insulation class; IP65 (splash and dust proof)
Ripple**; Less than 4%
Model Number; 40-315