12V 50A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

Model #: DP-i1250 Weight: 40 lbs


Product Details

Eagle Performance - DP-i1250

Battery Charging System Designed for the Heavy Demands of Electric Utility Vehicles

May be used in many types of applications including: Electric Utility Vehicles, Electric Hunting Vehicles, Solar Industrial Signs and Solar Light Towers. 

Batteries and battery chargers are systems that should work together to provide optimal performance for electric vehicles and other applications. When either the battery or the charger under performs the result is reduced productivity and increased costs relative to the replacement of batteries and failed chargers. Pro Charging System’s sophisticated Eagle Performance Series line of chargers utilizes the company’s proprietary Delta Volt charging technology to enhance both the performance and life of batteries. 

Product Features

• Automatically detects and configures for battery type.
• For use with Lithium Ion Batteries 
• Dual transformers and dual LED indicators
• Reverse polarity spark free operation
• Fully automatic with float maintenance
• Return to charge maintenance mode
• Exclusive on board diagnostics
• Optional “Universal” A/C input
• Interoperability with PCS Battery Fuel Gauges
• Interlock connectors available 

12V Lithium Ion Battery Charger i1250