12V 600AH Lithium Battery Kit

Product: CX600 Weight: 150 lbs


Product Details

Kit includes:
- 4 x SB100 - 12v 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries

Drop-in replacement for Lead Acid, Gel, or AGM batteries
Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
Amp Hours:  600
Max Cont. Discharge :1200 amps
Charge Voltage:14.6 v
Life in Cycles: 3000-5000

Dimensions (each)
Length (inches): 13
Width (inches):  6.75
Height (inches):  8.87
Approx. Weight: 28 lbs

Efficiency: 99%
Battery Type: Deep Cycle
Internal Impenetrableness: 0.9>
600 combined amp hours
720 minutes @ 50 amps
60 minutes @ 600 amps
Built-In Fully Automatic Battery Management System
This internal system features Automatic Cell Balancing and automatically disconnects power to the terminal
due to:
 •- Low Voltage
 •- High Voltage
 •- Short Circuit
 •- Reverse Polarity