12V 400AH Lithium Battery Kit

Product: CXK400 Weight: 28 lbs


Product Details

Kit includes: 
 - 4 x SB100 - 12v 100AH Lithium Ion Batteries 

Drop-in replacement for Lead Acid, Gel, or AGM batteries
Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
Amp Hours:  400
Max Cont. Discharge : 800amps
Charge Voltage: 14.6v
Life in Cycles: 3000-5000

Dimensions (each)
Length (inches):13
Width (inches): 6.75
Height (inches): 8.87
Approx. Weight:  28 lbs

Efficiency: 99%
Battery Type: Deep Cycle
Internal Impenetrableness: 0.9>
 480 minutes @ 50 amps
 60 minutes @ 400 amps
Built-In Fully Automatic Battery Management System
This internal system features Automatic Cell Balancing and automatically disconnects power to the terminal
due to:
 •- Low Voltage
 •- High Voltage
 •- Short Circuit
 •- Reverse Polarity

Drop In Replacement
The Smart Battery SB400 is a perfect replacement lithium ion battery kit for your RV, boat, golf cart or semi truck that uses a deep-cycle battery to run lights, inverters, trolling motors, pumps, electronics, starters, AC/heaters and more. Typically, a GEL, AGM or lead acid battery is only rated to handle 20-25 amps continuous. The Smart Battery SB100 is rated to handle up to 200 amps continuous, or 800 amps with four combined SB100 batteries. Simply connect your cables and you're ready to go! No sophisticated hardware or external BMS to install. Longer run time, longer life and more power on a single charge. Smart Battery SB400 is the ultimate battery kit for any deep cycle application.