Warranty Claim Form

In the unlikely event you are experiencing a problem with one of our products please fill out this form and we will get back to you with 7 days.

| Not Covered by This Warranty:  Manufacturer is not obligated to warrant the Lithium Battery in question, if defects are related to damages caused by abuse/neglect, or from the following: - Damage from shipping, loose terminal bolts or corroded hardware - Manufacturer codes tampering or removal - Failure to properly install the battery, in addition to keeping the battery properly charged and maintained - Breakage from collision, fire or freezing—which includes damage from extreme heat or cold, improper storage, water damage, our warranty does not cover spent or worn out batteries or tampering. All bolts should be firmly tightened with a torque wrench using the rated specification on the product data sheet and not by hand to avoid overheating caused by loose connections. After the first 30 days you are responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning the product to us and from us back to you.

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