"72V 100AH Lithium Battery Kit" Reviews

07/25/2013 - Dale Chaudiere : rated
We purchased the 72V 100AH Lithium Battery Kit for our 2007 ZENN in December of 2012. Our ZENN has a 35 mph conversion using a High Performance Golf Carts kit. This is an 18 hp AC motor and 500W Curtis controller. I installed a Victron Energy BMV-600 Energy meter this spring. Using the BMV-600 State-of-Charge display, we are currently getting about a 50 mile range in a warmer than average July in Seattle. I expect the range could drop as low as 30 miles over the winter when the temperature drops and we use the lights and ceramic heater. For comparison, we were down to a 5 mile range with our Deka gel lead-acid batteries, before installing the Smart Batteries. Dale & Joy Lynnwood, WA

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