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In 2022, CHARGEX® Lithium Ion Batteries continue to be the industry standard for many of the world's leading OEM - RV and Marine manufacturers with early adopters at the helm. We recommend reading our key highlights to learn more about what makes CHARGEX® different - click here.

2022 Awarded

United States Navy

Awarded CHARGEX® multiple projects to design and engineer fully customized Class A Lithium Batteries for Naval Military Applications.

2022 AWARDED  

Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Awarded CHARGEX® with the 2022 Earth Rover Mission where safety was the critical factor for the sub-Antarctic rover.


The BORING Company 

Increased orders in 2022 with with Class A CHARGEX® Lithium Batteries used in critical monitors throughout their high tech tunnels.

2022 AWARDED  

Nokia Telecom

Awarded CHARGEX® with development of a customized solution for uninterruptible power supplies in case of of grid failure.


for superior strength, reliability and higher current conductivity

CHARGEX® EnergyWave
Heavy Duty Battery Protection System

Our Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are built with a first class Fully Automatic Built-in Battery Protection System (BPS)

This highly advanced internal battery protection system automatically turns the battery off if it's drained below 8V or charged above 16V - preventing accidental over discharge. The Battery Protection System will turn off the battery by sensing a short circuit, reverse polarity, over and under voltage, as well as, over current. This Built-in Battery Protection System maximizes the efficiency and performance of the battery to increase its cycle life. 

Click Here to Learn More About our Built-In Protection System

Stainless Steel Bolted Lithium Ion Cell Structure

CHARGEX® Lithium Ion Batteries are bolted together using our 3.2V 5AH Stainless Steel Cylindrical Cells which adds rigid strength and superior current conductivity compared to the lesser quality, tab welded method.

Each LiFePO4 cell comes with a built-in Thermal Fuse that will internally disconnect preventing the cell from overheating. In addition, each cell has a high pressure safety vent and flame retardant electrolyte making them one of the world's safest batteries. Further adding to the safety and reliability, each cell bolts through our length way circuit boards that adds additional strength to the battery while providing cell balancing and short circuit protection.

When compared to tab welded cells, CHARGEX® Lithium Ion Batteries are more robust in marine and automotive environments. High vibration and constant pounding often causes lesser quality tab welds to break apart rendering the entire battery useless. 

Tested & Approved: Designed to Replace Outdated Lead Acid, Gel, and AGM Batteries

Plug & Play

Drop-in replacement - same group sizes as standard lead acid batteries. Simply connect your battery cables and you're ready to go.


Connect multiple batteries in series and in parallel to increase voltage, power, and capacity. 

Built-in Battery Protection

Every battery comes with a built-in battery protection system designed to protect and maintain the battery cells.

70% Lighter than Lead

Lithium Batteries average 70% lighter than the same size lead battery. Plus - our batteries don't contain toxic lead, gases, or acid.

100% Depth of Discharge (DOD)

CHARGEX® Lithium Ion Batteries can be discharged to 100% of the rated capacity.

Long Life 3000 - 5000 Cycles

CHARGEX® Lithium Batteries outperform our competitors in quality, safety, reliability, and life.

12V Deep Cycle & Starting Lithium Ion Batteries

12V 7AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 7AH

Lithium Ion Battery

1.8 lbs.


Lifetime Warranty

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12V 12AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 12AH

Lithium Ion Battery

4 lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 20AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 20AH

Lithium Ion Battery

7 lbs.


Lifetime Warranty

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12V 25AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 25AH

Lithium Ion Battery

 Group U1  |  12 lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 35AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 35AH

Lithium Ion Battery

 Group U1  |  12 lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 40AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 40AH

Lithium Ion Battery

13 lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 50AH

Lithium Ion Battery

17.5 lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 75AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 75AH

Lithium Ion Battery

Group 24   |   26.5 lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 80AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 80AH

Lithium Ion Battery

Group 27  |  28 Lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 100AH

Lithium Ion Battery

Group 31  |  31 Lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 150AH Lithium Ion Battery 4D

12V 150AH

Lithium Ion Battery

Group 4D  |  64 Lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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12V 260AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 300AH

Lithium Ion Battery

Group 8D  |  95 Lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Our Lithium Batteries are the battery of choice for thousands of companies and consumers around the world. Click here for more info.


Internal Battery Protection System

 Every Lithium Battery comes with an Automatic Built In Battery Protection System (BPS). Click here for more info.


multiple safety redundancy systems

Our LiFePO4 cells are among the safest on the planet and are considered safe and non hazardous. Click here for more info.


Engineered to Last

 Our lithium batteries are used through out the world as a drop In replacement from lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. Click here for more info.


CHARGEX® Lithium Batteries can last over 5,000 cycles and 20+ years. 


Designed and Engineered for all Deep Cycle and Starting Applications


Stainless Steel 3.2V 5.5AH LiFePO4 cells with Thermal Fuse and High Output BMS

100% safe for >10 years 

LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry 100% safe for more than a decade

3.2V 5AH LiFePO4 Cell

Our batteries are manufactured with our 3.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Cells. Every cell is bolted together for a firm connection and more electrical conductivity compared to the tab welded method.

Lithium Ion Boat Battery


Our marine lithium ion batteries provide both starting power and can allow you to safely use 100% DOD (depth of discharge) for your house bank . With less than 1% a month self discharge, vessels with our batteries can stay fully charged for over a year with no use.

Lithium Ion RV Batteries

| RV

Our Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Batteries are designed for Motor homes, Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels. Easily upgrade your coach batteries with the industries leading lithium ion battery technology.

Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery


We manufacture our Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries as a drop in replacement from lead acid batteries. Simply take out your old batteries and put the lithium Batteries in the same way, using your existing cables connect the batteries and you are ready to go. 

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My battery bank of 4- 12V 100AH Lithium Batteries  work better than expected in my travel trailer. I am able to keep my batteries charged with solar panels allowing me to spend time off the grid. With my 1000 watt inverter I can run all the accessories that I want and have plenty of battery reserve for the evenings.

Purchased this to use as house battery on my boat, I'm really pleased with performance, just wish I had this long ago. I run 2 fridges and small freezer, all work even better than full power from previous pair of batteries as these charge to a little higher voltage. We anchor out lots and so happy to have something that really works well..if you like to anchor out on the hook for any length of time don't hesitate to spend the extra, you'll be so glad you did.

- Martin M.

Had previously bought six 100amp Lithium Ion batteries, for use in my Solar/Wind powered RV. The six batteries have been in use for over one year running 24/7. I wanted an additional battery bank so I bought this 300amp battery. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. So much power in such a light battery and it looks great too. Will be buying a second 300amp battery for a grand total of 1,200amps.

- Cuauhtemoc L.

I am a Captain on a 54' Sport Fishing Boat. The twin diesel engines  take a lot of  Power to start. Typically we go out everyday and start/stop the motors at different fishing locations. throughout the day the batteries would get weaker as some electronics run on it and from starting. Now that we installed the Batteries the  boats engines crank over without any hesitation and have a noticeably faster start. This provides me with confidence in shutting the motors down while off-shore and knowing I have plenty of power to start back up. 

No matter how you play with the numbers, formulas and assumptions - Over the life of the battery, Lithium Ion Batteries cost less than lead batteries. Lithium Battery technology can last up to 5000 cycles. Typically a deep cycle lead battery will only last around 300 - 500 cycles. Meaning you may have to replace your lead batteries over 15 times to equal the life of just 1 Lithium Battery. Lithium Ion Batteries will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your application making this a Smart Investment. Think about all of the money and frustration you have spent on lead batteries. Lithium is a green alternative that is quickly becoming the technology of choice for thousands of people and business's around the world.

Purchased Three - 100AH Marine Batteries 06/2012 and I fish all year long in North Carolina>>>>These Batteries are still as strong as the first day I put them in my Bass Boat. After fishing for stripers in the Cape Fear River for 5 - 6 hours would completely discharge three optimas (the 65 lb. blue tops), But with the Lithium Ions I still have 50% left and they are over 100 lbs. lighter and completely recharge in two hours. After Four 1/2 years that's some great batteries! 

- Bob R., Wilmington NC.

Michael T.

Our firm uses the 12V 100AH Group 31 Lithium Ion Battery in over 40 fleet vehicles and we love them. Currently we have to change out 3 batteries per vehicle every 6 - 8 months due to heavy amp draws our equipment placed on the lead batteries. The Lithium Battery is designed to handle these heavy loads without sacrificing life of the battery, we are expecting over 5 years in our vehicles that would require over 6 sets of lead batteries to last as long as one set of lithium batteries. Eliminating maintenance and downtime of our equipment. We also considered the environmental impact of switching to lithium batteries from lead acid batteries knowing the lithium batteries are non hazardous we are reducing our carbon footprint and getting a much better battery at the same time.

Sean M.

I required a high quality lithium battery to run electrical equipment and for emergency back up power.  These guys were able to assist us in determining the best battery to use based on the power requirements should we experience a power outage. Having a reliable and practical solution is important to keep our systems running in the event of a power outage. Lead acid batteries are hazardous and cannot be used in our factory due to safety concerns with off gassing, Lithium ion batteries were the best option and finding  this company was a quick and easy solution for us. 

Andrew P.

I am an artist and travel in my RV along with my wife  Dawn and our dog Lucy. We are often camping off grid and run our lights and inverter off our lead batteries which would only last for a couple hours running lights and our TV. Our generator auto start turns on is very noisy so we were researching better lead acid batteries for our coach when we came across Lithium Batteries at an RV show in Florida. The benefits of lithium ion batteries vs lead batteries for our coach seemed like an obvious choice considering how much off grid camping we do.  Our coach formerly required 4 - 6V lead acid batteries, The rep at their booth explained we only needed two of there 12V batteries to connect in parallel and that would replace all 4 of our 6V lead batteries due to the lead batteries not being able to be drained more than 50% of their rated capacity, leaving us with 50% unusable dead weight (literally). We decided to go ahead and purchased 2 - SB100 lithium batteries and have been happy we did. Our coach has enough battery power to run our lights and TV as long as we need and have not turned off on us yet. When we camp in cold areas the batteries keep our heater running all night whereas before our generator would cut on in the middle of the night to recharge the lead batteries. We absolutely love the batteries and recommend them for anyone looking to upgrade Their coach batteries.