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    If you are searching the world wide market for Lithium Batteries chances are you found us because we are the world's Predominant Manufacturer of Drop In Replacement Lithium Batteries.  Smart Battery's cutting edge advancements in Lithium Battery technology take all of the complexity out of upgrading to our simple plug and play Lithium Batteries. 


    With 3 World Class State of The Art Factories that employ nearly 3000 workers, our expertise is second to none. In January 2016 we proudly opened the doors to our 3rd factory that is one of the latest and most advanced fully automated cell production plants in the world. with over 250 highly commended engineers and research staff you can rely on Smart Battery as your permanent source for dependable Lithium Batteries. 


    More than 15,000 Smart Batteries have been used around the world for Aerospace, Military, Commercial and Consumer applications. Dozens of Engineers from Fortune 500 companies have evaluated and approved our products making Smart Battery® their Premier Supplier for Lithium Batteries. We provide OEM Lithium Battery Solutions to hundreds of companies like General Motors Global Supply Chain who relies on Smart Battery® for our OEM Lithium Battery's used in their EV's. 

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