12V Lithium Ion Battery Charger DP-PS1Charging A Lithium Ion Smart Battery

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Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries can be charged with most standard battery chargers due to our
patented built in battery protection system. 

There are many different types of chargers and even more algorithms that charger manufacturers update with advancements in battery technology. Charger manufacturers create algorithms that determine what current and voltage output that the charger delivers to a battery. The algorithms are necessary with Lead Acid, Gel and AGM batteries since these types of batteries all have lead. The lead plates are inefficient and build up heat during charging which can cause the battery to swell, leak acid or be damaged by the excess heat built up while charging. 

Multi Stage Charging with a Lead, Acid Gel or AGM Battery

There are typically 3 stages to charging a Lead Acid, Gel or AGM battery - Bulk, Absorb and Float.

  • The Bulk stage: is where the charger will typically deliver a steady amount of current at its highest rate to get the battery filled quickly. (many times during charging the charger may slow down the bulk amperage to prevent damage due to heat)
  • The absorb stage: At the absorb stage the charger will begin to slow down the amperage as the battery charger is reaching the voltage to which it is set to charge the battery up to. 
  • The float stage: is the voltage to which a battery would normally float down down and sit at while fully charged. The charger will hold the voltage at this stage by delivering a small amount of current.

Multi Stage Charging with a Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery

Smart Battery Lithium Ion batteries are 99% efficient and do not build up heat like Lead batteries. Most Lithium Ion Batteries can receive constant current without the need of an algorithm to prevent heat build up. This is known as (constant current) CC.

Each model Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery has a rate specifying the maximum amount of current it can be charged with. It is important to make sure you do not charge the Smart Battery with higher current than rated.

Bulk Charging is normally the only stage necessary to charge a Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery. If your charger can be programmed to deliver CC (constant current) and charge up to 14.6V there is no need for an absorb phase. Some chargers require a bulk stage and the absorb stage to be programmed at different voltages in order to charge the battery. In this case you would set the bulk to 14.2V and the Absorb to 14.6V. 

Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries need to reach between 14.4V and 14.6V during charging to reach a full charge. If your charger voltage is much higher than this and cannot be programmed to a lower voltage it is not recommended for use with our batteries. If the voltage is much lower this is OK to use with our batteries. Depending on how much lower the voltage is it may not fully charge the Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery.  A good range to keep within is 14.0V - 14.8V this will average 85% - 100% charged.

It will not damage a Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery if you do not fully charge it unlike some lead batteries that would be damaged and experience a reduced life span. 

Float stage charging is also not necessary with a Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery. Our batteries lose less than 9% a year in self discharge and there is no need to hold the battery voltage in order to keep it topped off. For Example: If you had a 100AH Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery and left it sit fully charged for 1 year, It would still be 91% fully charged.

If a float charge setting is necessary to program your charger then you would want to set it to 13.6V

If you have more questions or concerns about charging your Smart Battery Lithium Ion battery send us a quick email to Sales@smartbattery.com or give us a call at 1-855-465-4844 We will help you determine the correct charger or specifications to get your batteries charging correctly. 

Smart Battery offers a wide range of specially programmed Lithium Ion Battery Chargers specifically designed to charge Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries. 

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