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We make it easy to buy 12V Lithium Ion Batteries for your applications,
 Smart Battery is
 a "Drop In Replacement" from Lead/AGM batteries. 
Simply remove your old battery.. Install the Smart Battery® the same way,  Now you're ready to go! 

2014 Ranger Z520C with 12V Lithium Ion Batteries from Smart Battery®

 Ray Van Horn Host of the Gypsy Angler TV show with the brand new Ranger Z520C Boat Powered By Smart Battery® 12V Lithium Ion Marine Batteries.

2015 Ranger Z520C Boat with 12V Lithium Ion Batteries from Smart Battery  2015 Ranger Z520C Boat with 12V Lithium Ion Batteries from Smart Battery

RANGER Z520C Boat - Powered By Lithium®
This Ranger Z520C requires 4 batteries to run the trolling motor, crank the engine and run all of the high tech electronics Ranger has through out the boat.

By eliminating 320 Lbs. of heavy lead acid batteries and replacing with 120 lbs. of Lithium from Smart Battery® The Z520C is 200 lbs. lighter in the stern.

" Thats a game changer "  -  Ray Van Horn

Ish Monroe - Pro bass Fishing Angler For Smart Battery®

So, I am fired up with the new Lithium Batteries from Smart Battery®. They have been awesome on the water because I am putting in long days, and I am hammering on my MotorGuide; HARD! I guarantee you I spent at least 8 hours on the trolling motor and didn't even have a glitch, and the batteries still charged in two and a half hours.


Dave Sheffield - Pro Bass Fishing Angler for Smart Battery®

In a word, WOW!! My Bass Cat Puma FTD is a different animal now. From cutting through Hydrilla beds on Lake Okeechobee, to fishing the strong current after the flood on Lake Logan Martin, my MotorGuide Tour 109 runs strong all day long. I demand a lot from my three 100ah Smart Battery Lithium batteries, often practicing from dawn to dusk. For the Mercury 250 ProXS, that requires a minimum of 1000 marine cranking amps, it also gets a 100ah Smart Battery Lithium. Running 3 large Lowrance HDS units, Structure Scan, two 8’ Power Poles and live wells all day, I never have to worry on reserve. Due to the huge weight savings, my boat planes faster, stays on plane slower, gets better gas mileage and IT’S FASTER. My four previous AGM batteries weighed in at a stout 297lbs! Now I carry a mere 112lbs. It’s like a grown man was removed from my bilge. All of this and they only take 2-3 hours to recharge. Am I excited, You Bet I am!! Dave Sheffield


POWERED BY LITHIUM - Golf Course Review    CLICK HERE for the full review.

Sean O'Connell - Pro Tournament Fisherman     CLICK HERE for the full review.

Jeff Aul - Pro Bass Fishing Angler

I first heard of lithium ion marine batteries from watching a YouTube video of Bassmaster Elite Series Pro's using them. They seemed genuinely impressed by the batteries and explained many of the benefits. CLICK HERE to read the full review.

2014 Ranger Z 521c Bass Boat - Jimmy Brewer Pro Bass Fishing Angler

4 - 12V 100AH Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries


Fast Service

Thank you so much for getting these batteries to us next day, they arrived by 9:00am just like you said. It was very impressive ordering these batteries at 2pm and getting them next day by 9:00am you're the best!

Thanks for all Your Help

Your customer service is very good, quick replies to my emails and always answer the phone. Our company is driven from our relationships with our suppliers, and we will continue ordering from Smart Battery®.

Excellent Product

I have researched lithium ion batteries for the past year. Our company requires strict standards for quality and service from a supplier. when I came across Smart Battery® at the Battery Show in Detroit I thought the product was to be too good to be true. After a trip to your office in Tampa and meeting your team we were very impressed.

Perfect Fit

“I have just received my lithium batteries, and  they fit perfectly where I took out my lead acid batteries. my RV is staying charged longer and recharges much faster.

Very Easy to Understand

Thank you for everything. Your products are very easy to understand and work exactly as you described. We still have not been able to drain them in one day of trolling even with strong winds and current holding my trolling motor back.

Excellent Performance

My new lithium batteries just arrived for our floor sweeping machine. The floor sweeper performs and handles much easier with less weight, and stays charged twice as long as the lead battery which allows us to complete our jobs in less time. The sweeper has full power for the entire charge and runs like new again.

My three 100A Smart Batteries are perfect in my Rajun Cajun Bass Boat...... I can go to the river and fish for 4-5 hrs. against the current and have 50% left and they charge full in two hours.....  Bob Rainey  Wilmington NC