Comparison of Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery vs. Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery

Scope of test

Determine usable AH capacity of the Trojan J185H-AC with a 80A continuous load

Provide 40% more usable AH capacity in a Lithium Ion Battery


Trojan J185H-AC

Smart Battery SB100

12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery

Voltage 12V 12V
Rated AH Capacity 225AH 100AH
Weight 128 lbs. 28 lbs.
Max Charge Current 30A 100A
Max DOD 80% 100%
Life Cycles 1200 cycles to half rated capacity 2000 cycles to 80% rated capacity
Test - Drain the batteries at a 80A load until reaching 10.5V
Start Voltage 12.5V 13.4V
voltage at 10 Min 11.6V 13.1V
voltage at 20 Min 11.5V 12.9V
voltage at 30 Min 11.32V 12.8V
voltage at 40 Min 11.1V 12.8V
voltage at 50 Min 10.89V 12.7V
voltage at 60 Min 10.5V - Dead 12.5V
voltage at 70 Min 12.1V - Dead 73 min.
voltage at 80 Min
Usable Capacity 80AH 108AH
Re-Charge Time 7 - 10 hours 1 hour

With an 80A Load a new Trojan Battery J185H-AC is unable to provide more than 80AH usable capacity to 10.5V