| CHARGEX ECOPOWER Series 3 Year Limited Warranty

The Chargex CXE Models are our ECOPOWER Series of the same high quality lithium ion battery with a 3 Year Limited Warranty VS. the Lifetime Warranty we offer on our standard CX Models. 

| Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty:   We Guarantee every battery sold by us or any of our authorized dealers or distributors—worldwide, to be free of defects from the date of sale. Subject to the issues listed below, we will repair or replace the battery and/or parts of the battery if the components in question are defective in materials or workmanship. Our Batteries are designed to replace lead-acid batteries and should be used as drop-in replacement for lead-acid applications. 

Battery Protection System:  Our lithium batteries have a built in battery protection system designed to prevent damage to the cells from an external occurrence. The battery protection will internally disconnect to prevent damage to the cells if it senses any of the following conditions, short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharge and over discharge voltage protection. if your battery has disconnected, it will be necessary to charge the battery before using it again. In some cases, your charger may not turn the battery on. Please contact us through the form below and we will guide you through the steps necessary to wake it up. 

| Warranty Procedure:  In the unlikely event your battery cannot be woken up, shipping can be arranged to our headquarters once an RMA number has been created. If the battery is repairable, it will be repaired at no cost and returned to you. If it is not repairable and the issue was caused by a manufacturer defect, we will replace the battery at no cost within the first 3 years. After 3 years, we will repair your battery at no cost to you if the battery is repairable. Chargex is an approved hazmat shipper which is required to ship lithium ion batteries. All of our products are delivered in packaging that meets or exceeds federal and international standards for shipping lithium ion batteries.

| Not Covered by This Warranty Manufacturer is not obligated to warrant the battery in question, if defects are related to damages caused by abuse/neglect, or from the following: - Damage from shipping, loose terminal bolts or corroded hardware - Manufacturer codes tampering or removal - Failure to properly install the battery, in addition to keeping the battery properly charged and maintained - Breakage from collision, fire or freezing—which includes damage from extreme heat or cold, improper storage, water damage, Smart Battery warranty does not cover spent or worn out batteries or tampering. All bolts must be firmly tightened with a torque wrench and NOT by hand to avoid overheating caused by a loose connection. 

| Other Warranties:   Our® authorized dealers and distributors may offer an additional warranty to the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Manufacturer is not responsible for dealer or distributor created warranties or any claims that may arise from said warranties

| Warranty Disclaimer:   Customers should adhere to all documentation and guidelines.  Manufacturer will not be responsible for any expenses related to installation/removal, electrical system tests, battery charging, loss of time or other expenses which should be considered incidental damages, including all shipping charges after the first 30 days of warranty.